We install various types of Laminate to Engineered flooring.

Hardwood or Laminate Flooring?

There are differences between natural hard woods and engineered laminate flooring.  Homeowners often do not know which way to go when adding flooring to their home.  Here is a list of the main differences so an educated decision can be made.  If you have any questions we can be contacted here.

  • Composition – Hardwood flooring can come in a variety of natural solid woods including oak, maple, pine, and bamboo. Laminate, on the other hand, is a synthetic fiberboard product consisting of engineered materials to provide it with a look similar to real wood.  Because it is engineered it is very consistent in color and grain.  Natural hardwoods have variations in both color and grain.
  • Durability – Both types of flooring will last a while, but hardwood floors can outlast laminate by decades. In addition, hardwood floors can be sanded down and refinished a couple of times during their lifetime while laminate floors can not.
  • Pets – Both hardwood and laminate are slippery for pets.  It can be hard on their hips and scratched will occur.  Natural hardwoods will scratch easier than laminates and any pet urine will soak into natural hardwoods leaving stains and odors. Pet water bowls should be on mats not directly on the flooring.
  • Maintenance – Both are very easy to clean but be sure to use the correct cleaner since they each require their own type of cleaning product. In addition, do not let water sit on wood for an extended period of time as it can warp and stain the wood.
  • Installation – Hardwood flooring is a much more time consuming installation process because each piece of wood needs to be staggered and nailed into other pieces of hardwood. Laminate can either be glued to the floor or snapped into place making it much easier to install.
  • Cost – The cost of hardwood varies by the type of wood but on average you can expect to pay twice as much for hardwood (including installation) compared to laminate floors.