Serra Development LLC installs a variety of energy efficient windows and doors. Atrium, Pella and Milgard are a few of the high quality windows we install. Save money on enhancing home interiors or for fitting new doors or windows and raise the value of your home. If you are looking to replace what you already have or increase the efficiency of your home we can help.

Door Installation

Serra Development replaces both interior and exterior doors.

When choosing exterior doors, it’s important to consider the design your home. Traditional wood and beveled glass entry doors on a contemporary-styled home would look as out of place as an unfinished steel slider on a country cottage. With thousands of designs to choose from, it can be difficult for homeowners to decide what’s appropriate.

Choosing an Exterior Door

The most important elements of an exterior door are the materials, the configuration, the size and the accents. The two most common materials for exterior doors are wood and fiberglass.  Wood has an elegant and expensive look, but fiberglass is more durable, energy efficient, and can be made to look like wood. Fiberglass can be stained just like wood as well.

Interior Doors

Interior doors play a more important role than you might realize. They add architectural detail and style to a house. They can also date your home.  Upgrading your interior doors can provide a more modern look to your home. You can dramatically improve the look of every room in your home with new interior doors.

Start your transformation by selecting interior doors made from the following types of material:

  • Wood — Choose from several classic panel designs and multiple wood species that add warmth, natural beauty and artistry to your home’s interior.
  • Wood Composite — Features a variety of options to fit your design, lifestyle and budget.

Window Installation

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

As your home ages, your windows will eventually need to be replaced. Old aluminum windows have condensation that causes mold and mildew and can ruin the window sills. They are also not energy efficient. Windows also need replacing when they’ve been worn out aesthetically, chipped, deteriorated, or gone out of style. Other times it’s because they aren’t doing their job anymore. They have become difficult to open or close, or they let outside air in. Installing new windows can improve the insulation of your home, resulting in reduced energy consumption, lower heating and cooling costs, and improved comfort. New windows are easier to clean and maintain, and they also help increase the lifespan of furniture and art, and may improve home security.